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I Like Bernie, But... is a website that addresses commonly held concerns that people have about Bernie Sanders. The website was viewed nearly 2 million times leading up the Iowa caucus and was featured in a TIME Magazine article.

Group Project - 2 People

I Like Bernie, But...

The Four Skillful Brothers is a 3D realtime animation made in Unity3D for UCLA CS 188. The story is an adaptation of a classic Grimm Brothers story.

The animation features advanced animation controllers, behavior trees, facial animations, and additional advanced Unity features and was scripted entirely in C#.

The Four Skillful Brothers

Splooshed is a web application that provides water consumption data for individual food ingredients or complete recipes. Splooshed is built with Ruby and Sinatra on the back-end and jQuery and a heavily modified Bootstrap on the front-end.

Splooshed offers two services: an interactive water-impact calculator for foods and recipes and a Chrome extension that lets you see water data while browsing your favorite recipe sites.

Splooshed was created for LA Hacks 2015

Group Project - 4 People


Material Charts is a simple JavaScript library for making charts that follow Google's Material Design design language. Currently, the library require's jQuery to run properly and can only create simple bar graphs and pie charts.

Solo Project

Material Charts (Unfinished)

Amazing NASA Universe Simulator is a pure WebGL (no libraries) space flight simulation puzzle game in which your goal is to navigate to the finish with a limited amount of fuel by utilizing gravity of other planets and fuel pick-ups.

The game features two game modes, one of which allows you to place a certain amount of mass around the game map to modify the gravitational fields of the area and help guide your ship.

Group Project - 4 People

Amazing NASA Universe Simulator

bildr is a HTML5 web application built with a Ruby and Sinatra back-end and a MaterializeCSS front-end. bildr was created to allow for easy and quick creation of item sets outside of the League of Legends client while providing more information than the client's item set builder, such as item efficiency statistics.

This application was made as a submission for the Riot Games API Challenge 2.0.

Group Project - 2 People

LeagueRoles is a web application that parses the data from League of Legends pre-game chat to determine which player should play in which lane and role based on previous success in roles (not implemented yet) and which roles they can and cannot play, as expressed in the pre-game chat.

LeagueRoles uses basic language parsing to determine which players are in the game and which roles they can and cannot play. The server then matches each player to a role using weighted bipartite matching with the Ford-Fulkerson network flow algorithm (this is done with the graphmatching Ruby gem).

Solo Project

League Roles

Laser Game (temporary title) is a 2D puzzle game made entirely in JavaScript and jQuery with no additional graphics libraries used. The goal of the game is to connect lasers with their respectively colored ports to complete each level. To do this you must utilize mirrors and other blocks while using as few moves as possible.

Solo Project

Laser Game (Unfinished)
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